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Pinning Items

  • All printed tags must be securely pinned on the left upper shoulder with a safety pin (no straight pins).

  • Clothing that is not pinned correctly using safety pins only will not be accepted at check in unless it is corrected by the consignor.

  • The safety pin should be placed in the center of the tag and pinned to item.

  • If the tag is separated from your garment it can not be sold and will be placed in lost and found.

  • If you are putting more than one item on a hanger, attach the second item on the back facing outwards and secure it with large safety pin.

  • To maintain the quality of your clothing and prevent large holes from the safety pins, please DO NOT put more than 4 items on a hanger.

  • Pants must be pinned to the hanger with large safety pins to ensure that they do not fall on the floor and become lost. This allows shoppers to easily see each garment.

  • When pricing your items be sure and price them competitively. We suggest pricing at 25% to 30% of the retail price.

  • Now that you can enter and print your tags on-line there are a few things to remember:

    • You MUST use card stock weight paper. We suggest that you use 60-67# white or light colored paper.  Plain copy paper is not strong enough to keep your tag from inadvertently tearing off your item.

    • Do NOT alter the size of the tags. The bar codes do not scan when the size of the tags is altered. If the size of your tags is altered the consignor's inventory will not be accepted until it is corrected.

    • You may use an ink jet or laser printer

    • It is important that you set your printer quality to "Normal" Not "Best". This affects how the bar codes print and their scanning ability.

    • You can enter items until the Tuesday Night before the sale at 11:59pm. Although the system will no longer let you enter items after this time, you will still be able to print your tags at your convenience.

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This is a picture of a garmet hanging on a hanger to illustrate the proper way to prepare items for the sale


Pricing Items

  • There is a $3.00 minimum on items.

  • If you think that an item you want to consign does not meet the $3.00 minimum, you may combine it with other same size items.

  • Pairing same size items on one hanger allows you to consign more of your quality items and increase your total sales.

  • Please do not pair more than 4 items together on one hanger.

  • Be sure to check the discount box when pricing items if you want your item to sale for 1/2 price on Saturday during our Half Price Sale. We will not be able change your discount status once your item has been checked into the sale.

Shoes and Small Items

  • Shoes and items with small parts need to be put into a Ziploc type bag.

  • Tape the tag securely to the inside of the bag.


  • All bedding items must be in a large, sealed plastic bag to ensure that all your items stay clean and together.

  • You may purchase bags from Polka Dots and Lollipops for $3.00 a bag.

Toys and Other Items

  • Toys and other items must have the tag securely taped to the item.

Helpful Tips

  • Do not place tape over the bar code or your item will not be able to be scanned.

  • Clothing does not have to be pressed, but the neater it looks, the better it sells.

  • Items should be hung on a hanger, where the hanger is turned in the direction of a question mark. This makes it easy for our shoppers.

  • Packing tape works best. Scotch tape does not adhere well to the bag. This will keep the tag from getting lost.

  • Sort your items by gender and size for quicker placement.

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